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Reader Feedback

"I wish I had read this book earlier in my aging process, when I first retired. At that time I learned to redevelop myself in the new chapter of my life, after much ‘trial and error…’ I will share this book with friends." - Nancy 


“I love how this book inspires, guides, and pushes one to have the courage to improve upon their lives, to be a better friend, a better daughter, a better person, in the later years of one’s life. Excellent read!” – Diane


“… demonstrates how we can overcome passively accepting our circumstances or feeling that improving our situation is too overwhelming…” - Char


 “…challenges your perspective, and inspires growth and positivity. What a great way to mentally reset post COVID!” – Elizabeth



“What a fabulous book to remind all of us who are entering or into our retirement years of how much we can do with them and the joy and satisfaction that will come from them both for ourselves and the communities in which we live.” – Betsy


“By using personal examples and tons of research, the author gave me a jump start to begin to set goals, to stretch outside of my comfort zone, and as the title indicates, be more purposeful,” – Kay


“Every chapter has golden nuggets of wisdom that gives guidance to the reader. A good book for yourself or as a gift.” – Lori


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I will be referring back to it often…” – Cheryl