• Keeping consistent healthy lifestyle & good habits

  • Maintaining muscle tone & stamina

  • Sustaining meaningful connections & friendships

  • Nurturing a strong faith

  • Staying positive about aging.

We all want the best of growing older.

Elderly Couple Running Together

There's just one problem:

The older we get, the harder it gets!

Sound familiar?

Learn how affirmations help to set and achieve meaningful goals during this phase of life’s journey. It's a way to coach yourself.

The author teaches how to pause to reflect. Then guides readers to shift from reluctantly aging

to intentionally aging.

Shift from reluctantly to intentionally

In Amaging (TM) Growing Old On Purpose, learn how to recognize and tackle unconscious and deep-rooted age bias. 

“On Purpose” doesn’t mean to hurry; no one wants to hasten the aging process!  “On Purpose” means intentionally.

Strengthening Christian faith


When age-related challenges become formidable — and they often do — strong faith brings both comfort and strength.  Power up your affirmations with Bible verses, prayers or other inspirations.

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