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  • Affirmation template - (Appendix 1) Have you sometimes felt stuck due to your age? Challenged to move ahead on something important?  This template is designed to help older adults set and achieve challenging goals.  Layer on inspiration, a can-do mindset, a visual, perhaps a new hat, and plan it out. Follow this step-by-step format. You got this!

  • Friendship chapter - (Sample Chapter #9) Have you noticed as the number of birthday candles has increased the number of friends in your inner circle has decreased?  There are many reasons for this.  Read this Sample Chapter to learn more about the loss and importance of friendship as we age. Why not share this chapter with someone you care about? Include a short note of thanks for the blessing of friendship.

  • Book club questions - Speaking of friends... This set of questions will help spark thoughtful reflection and both light-hearted and meaningful discussion.  Engage your book club, Bible study or coffee friends with this free guide.  Together, support and affirm each other.

  • Birthday e-card:  Want a simple way to remember friends on their special day?  This e-card is low on effort and big on impact!  Just type a few details into this fillable PDF, and send off an age-friendly e-card.  Celebrate birthdays!  All of them.


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